As a strategic advisor I leverage my experience to guide you through the ongoing process of prioritizing, strategizing, and effectively measuring what is and isn’t working. I help you avoid costly mistakes that can be avoided and guide you through course correcting those that cannot. 


We start by defining and prioritizing your desired future outcomes. From there we set specific, measurable, and attainable goals with clear timelines. Most importantly, we work together to ensure goals are able to be clearly understood by all stakeholders and that the measurements for defining success are objective and able to be captured and recorded in a reasonable manner. 


The average tenure of an executive sales leader is 18 months. By providing your team with external experience and guidance, we can work together to help you beat the average and become one of the few startups to effectively build and scale a world-class sales organization.

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*rates start at $3,000 per month

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Sell Better.


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