The average tenure of a VP Sales is 18 months. The main reason for this is the lack of resources they are provided for their own training and development. Due to the high cost of an experienced executive sales leader, startups are forced to make stretch-hires and put someone into the role with little to no experience. It’s often a first-time VP Sales. 


The truth is you don’t need a decade of experience to become a great executive sales leader, but to get it right the first time you do need guidance and mentorship from someone who’s done it before. Since founders are usually not former executive sales leaders, they need to provide external resources to their VP Sales to truly set them up for success. 


Building and scaling a world-class sales organization requires far more than knowing how to sell or knowing how to manage a few reps. It requires creating a winning culture, building process that can actually scale and be handed off to managers and directors, preparing for the countless inevitable things that will go wrong, and arguably most important, learning how to be a contributing member of the executive team. 


As the CEO of a SaaS company, the VP Sales is the most critical hire you’ll ever make, yet these hires are made with no plans for training and developing this person. Enormous expectations are put on their plate and they are expected to sink or swim, and if they don’t work out, they’re fired and you start your search all over again. This is a time consuming, costly, and frustrating approach that continues to be the number one reason startups fail to hit their revenue targets.

After building and scaling two wildly successful sales organizations at hypergrowth startups myself and learning countless lessons from many mistakes along the way, I’ve decided to help increase the average tenure of the VP Sales role by offering executive coaching services. Working 1on1 with your VP Sales will accelerate your growth, reduce the amount of time you as the CEO spend focusing on the sales department, and will enable your sales leader to learn and develop proactively rather than retroactively.

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