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SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, entrepreneurs, and founders sharing best practices and learning how to grow their businesses faster, with less stress and more success.

Our community engages with us through our incredibly popular blog, podcast, and content resources, events (including our Annual event which has over 15,000 attendees in San Francisco, 4,000 in Europe) and more. SaaStr is a lean “no code” team that manages $25m+ of revenue with a small team, using entirely off-the-shelf tools from Salesforce to Intercom to Marketo, etc. We have ~200 sponsors and partners today, and a small but mighty sales team of 4. 


  • Initially starting off selling yourself, learning to close top accounts yourself, then (and only then) build up our small team once you’ve perfected selling our sponsorships and media yourself.  This is not a role for someone that only wants to manage and not sell themselves. 
  • Must have some life experience not just in SaaS sales but also at some point in your career at an agency, in media, or similar.  SaaStr is for Cloud execs but we are not a SaaS company.  We sell a non-recurring product (sponsorship and media) to marketers.
  • Must enjoy some outbound — to folks that know SaaStr.  Our current motion is approximately 40% new, 40% renewal, 20% outbound. 
  • Our team is distributed, but this one hire either genuinely can travel once a month, is in the SF Bay Area or a very short flight from it.  40% of our sponsors are in the SF Bay Area and we close 42% more from the customers we visit in person.  

More details

  • Our sales team has a strong performance compensation plan.  The average AE can close $4m a year in bookings or more and there is profit sharing and more beyond that, as well as team-level bonuses for high performing months.  Our base salaries are modest but the take-home can be high — for those that hustle.  The top performers here historically have taken home top-tier comp.  But you gotta do the work, for real.
  • This isn’t a 100 hour a week job, and there is a ton of autonomy, but it’s a >real< 40 hour a week job.  We don’t need folks that want to work 15-20 hours a week and not be hands on and not go meet sponsors and partners in person.  We don’t need folks with large side hustles or also selling real estate full-time or running other businesses or consulting practices during the day.
  • This is not a “Mr/Ms Dashboards role”.  Even to do $100m in sponsor revenue, we’d likely only need 20 folks on the sales team.  Everyone needs to be selling and be close to sponsors and partners. 
  • This can be a great opportunity for someone that has some startup sales leadership experience but also enjoys selling.  Most of our sales execs historically have been heads of sales that wanted to get back into selling directly.
  • This is a great opportunity for someone that wants to close a high volume of $50k-$250k deals. This is part of the fun of it.  It’s a place for Closers.
  • We are a tiny team with big reach.  You must enjoy being a leader on a tiny but impactful team, and owning weekly KPIs and a dashboard.
  • You must get to know our sponsors in person, not just sell on Zoom.  Zoom is a big part of it, but again, sponsors we get to know in person are worth 42% more over their lifetime.  Our sales reps that do not travel or meet sponsors in person sell less, and have higher churn.
  • It’s critical to know SaaStr and to enjoy selling sponsorships and media to marketers.  That’s the job.  Some enjoy it, but others want to sell a SaaS product.  That’s not us.

To apply

  • First, just spend a few minutes watching one of our weekly sponsor webinars.  We do them every week and they are on the Live tab of our YouTube channel (and on our LinkedIn company page): SaaStr Insider Webinar
  • Sincere apologies in advance but we do not do “informational interviews”.  Please make sure you’ve had time to review one of the videos above and SaaStrAnnual.com and SaaStrEuropa.com before applying, and if you want, browse our event content on YouTube.com/SaaStr
  • Then submit your application below
  • Please do not send AI generated cover letters or raw resumes, they unfortunately will not be responded to

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