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10 Steps For How To Build Your Sales Career

1. Spend 1-2 years in an SDR role making hundreds of cold calls

2. Have a military mindset, daily discipline, no expectations of it being a joyride

3. Never complain, every complaint sets you back in your manager’s opinion

4. Don’t expect fairness, life isn’t fair, and sales careers certainly aren’t fair

5. Be the best on the team in every metric, especially the ones in your full control

6. Don’t ask for a promotion, let your performance do the talking, trust me it will

7. Stay at one company for multiple years, job hoppers aren’t attractive to top companies

8. Educate yourself, don’t rely on company provided training, it’ll never be enough

9. Make sales your lifestyle, it’s not just a job, it has to be your life

10. When you get your first opportunity to be a closer, do everything I just listed 10x harder


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