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3 Signs You Have A Negative Mindset And How To Fix It

1. You focus on the reasons you can't instead of the reasons you can

2. You think a lot about things that are out of your control

3. You assume negative outcomes before they've happened

If you're struggling with this, here's how to change:

1. Eliminate negative influences from your life. Our mindsets are greatly adjusted based on our surroundings. If you're surrounded by people who fit the descriptions above, they're contributing to why you think that way.

2. On the flip side of that coin, find positive influences to add into your life. Maybe you need a new job with more positive co-workers or leaders, maybe a new group of friends, or even following inspirational people on social can help.

3. Invest in your physical and mental health. This doesn't mean you need to become a total health nut, but master the basics; sleep regular and consistent hours, don't destroy your body with horrible food and substances, stay active, and find some destressing hobbies to work into your routine.

A positive mindset is the one commonality of all great salespeople. I know first-hand that these things are in your control and following the advice above CAN change your life.


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