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3 Things I Do To Stay Positive During COVID-19 Quarantine

Positive mental health is critical in sales, and let's face it, it's extra challenging right now.

Here are 3 things I'm doing to stay positive while isolated in my studio with almost only virtual human contact.

1. Consume only positive content. If you're anxious about what's going on, watching the news is only going to make it worse. Try to control what you consume and keep it positive.

2. Put yourself together each day like you normally would. Wake up same time, shower, get dressed like you would for the office. Taking care of yourself and maintaining routines is good for the mind.

3. Have something to look forward to each day. Whether it's a virtual lunch, coffee, or happy hour, or just watching your favorite show on Netflix.

These may seem silly, but your subconscious mindset won't think so.

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