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3 Tips For Remote AE's

Remote AE's -- this one's for you.

If you're a remote AE, you need to take 3 serious actions to be successful.

1. Stop with the horrible wifi connections during your phone and video calls. Every time your call cuts out or the screen-share lags, you lost credibility. It's 100% your responsibility to fix the problem. Get fast internet and ethernet plugged into your computer and a good phone like Aircall or quality video like Zoom.

2. Stop showing your apartment or bedroom in the background of your video calls. You are trying to sell software for thousands of dollars. Showing your apartment decor in the background is the farthest thing from impressive or comforting for someone who's thinking about dishing out thousands of company dollars for whatever you're selling. Get your desk positioned so a blank white wall is behind you. This way it looks like you're in a conference room instead of in your apartment. And have great lighting.

3. Put yourself together. Working from home shouldn't mean you look like you got straight out of bed. I shouldn't need to elaborate on this, you know who you are.

If you can't handle this, don't sell remotely. Trust me you're losing deals over it.


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