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4 Examples Of When You Should Be Asking For Referrals

Salespeople-- 4 examples of when you should ask for referrals...

1. WHEN GIVING DISCOUNTS: The easiest time to ask for something is when you're giving something. Get in the habit of asking your prospects for a warm intro in exchange for the discount.

2. WHEN RECEIVING THANKS: If your prospect/customer is thanking you for introducing them to your product, they're grateful and they want to express it. This is a perfect time to ask if they know anyone else who may be a good fit.

3. WHEN RAPPORT IS STRONG: At any point in the sales process if rapport is really strong (top 10% strong), it's usually safe to ask if they happen to know anyone who may also be a good fit for your product.

4. WHEN THEY'RE HIGHLY ENGAGED: Your company should be monitoring product engagement and NPS. Build a report to help you identify your most engaged customers with high NPS scores. Those folks are perfect champions to get referrals from.

Referrals can generate incredible opportunities with minimal effort. If you're not doing this in every sales process you're leaving a lot on the table. Bake this into your process, but please, do it over the phone, not in email.


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