• Collin Cadmus

4 Millenial Truths

1. We're entitled: No, we were raised to believe we can accomplish anything we want. We're just living out those expectations.

2. We're lazy: No, we grew up in an era of technology simplifying our lives. We're not lazy, we're efficient.

3. We're obsessed with technology: No, baby boomers just operate on a delay. Facebook was stupid, now they're on it, we spent too much time on our phones, now they do the same. We're not obsessed, we're advanced.

4. We're anti social: No, we use technology to connect with and express ourselves to hundreds of millions of people around the world. We're the most social generation to ever exist.

There's nothing wrong with millennials. We question the status quo, challenge imperfection, and strive to make a difference. The world is a better place thanks to millennials.


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