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4 Things I Learned 3 Weeks Into My Second VP Sales Role

Week 3 of my VP Sales role at Aircall and here are 4 things I learned:

1. Assume you know nothing and your team knows everything. Take time to meet with everyone individually and in groups. Let them run the convos. This significantly increases the odds that your first round of decisions will have positive impacts.

2. It's important to learn quickly how involved or uninvolved your CEO wants to be in the decisions you make. When in doubt, ask them bluntly if you're over or under involving them and adjust accordingly. It makes their life easier if you figure this out fast.

3. Block off days in your schedule to do the jobs of your SDR's and AE's. You may not be able to do this until you've learned enough about the product, but skipping this step or acting like you're "too busy" will impair your ability to be a good VP Sales.

4. Quickly identify obstacles you're faced with where your experience falls short and find notable advisors who can help. If you find a budget for this it'll save you enormous amounts of time. It's ok if you don't know everything, so surround yourself by people who can fill in the gaps.


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