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4 Things I Learned Going Remote as a VP Sales During COVID-19

1. My days are far busier. I used to be able to walk to someone's desk and ask them a question in under a minute. All of those questions are now at least a 20 minute video call. To do this long term the social norm for video calls would need to adapt and minimize the small talk.

2. In week 2 I realized I needed more scheduled video calls, more touch points. So I packed my calendar with back to back meetings thinking it was the right move, but I ended up being late to almost all of them because I left no time to deal with the things that come to me during and in between those scheduled meetings.

3. I've gone from taking thousands of steps a day to hundreds. Granted I don't carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go in my apartment like I did in the office, it's still bad. I need to schedule time to go for walks.

4. Our team requires less oversight than I thought. March is a record breaking sales month for Aircall, and we did it remote. By "record breaking" I mean 200% of what we did in Jan and Feb, which were also great months. This is largely due to the increased demand while companies go remote and need a cloud phone system, but also because our team is incredible and autonomous.

Learning and making the best of this experience.


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