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4 Things That Annoy AE's and SDR's The Most From Their Managers

I'm an AE or SDR and here's what annoys me the most:

1. My manager makes it sound easy: "just say this" and "just do that" and it will all work out... but it never does.

2. My sales ops person makes it sound easy "just log your activity here" and "just click here after clicking there"... but yeah it's not that simple.

3. My CEO makes sound too perfect "our product is the best in the world, no one can do what we can"... but really what we can do is like maybe OK in comparison to some things that are great, really great.

4. My mentor tells me "life is actually really easy" and "you just need to meditate and exercise and eat healthy"... but I've tried that for 6+ months and I still resort to happy hour 7x a week.

Yeah... you're not alone. It's easy to make things sound easy, but it's hard to make things actually easy.

Listen to someone who's been in your shoes. Ignore all of those people to some extent. They're trying their best for you but you need to take some ownership over the fact that your job is hard as fu** and not everyone has an answer.

Sometimes all you need is to realize that your job is hard and no one has the secret answer. Welcome to sales. We get paid the big bucks because this shi* aint easy.


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