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4 Tips For SDR's Straight Out Of College

1. College was hard but this will be harder. In school all that matters is the grade you get, the end result. You can skip class, sleep through class, and cram to pass the test. In sales the entire process matters. You need to show up and be alert 9+ hours a day, and it lasts 12 months each year, not 9.

2. College was rewarding but this will be more rewarding. The degree you got is cool, maybe. But all it does is get your foot in the door to do something real. In sales you not only reap generous financial reward, but you challenge yourself every day to learn, improve, and grow.

3. The way you live your life outside of the office affects how you'll perform in the office. In college you can drink, party, stay up late, etc. and somehow still get to the finish line, mostly because all of your peers are doing the same thing, it's the status quo. In your sales career you're up against ruthlessly dedicated professionals, the bar is raised, you need to rise up to it.

4. There are no more participation trophies, there's only success and failure. You'll be judged, compared, and critiqued. Results are in your control. The real world is harsh, it can make you or break you. If this got you excited, you chose the right profession 🤑


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