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6 Signs You Should Not Get Into Sales Leadership

6 signs you should stay an AE and not get into leadership:

1. You hear an AE say the wrong thing on a call but you're too uncomfortable to give them advice. A future manager wouldn't hesitate, they're eager and excited to help. If it feels uncomfortable now, it always will. This needs to come naturally even before you're a manager.

2. You don't think the bottom performers could become top performers. A future manager sees potential in people. Remember someone saw potential in you one day and that's what got you to where you're at today.

3. You get agitated when an AE asks you a question about something you think they should already know. As a manager this happens all day every day. If you don't enjoy it now, you won't enjoy it then.

4. You dread your manager's team meetings. If you don't enjoy watching them, trust me you'll hate preparing for them and leading them.

5. You spend zero free time outside of work reading about sales and/or sales leadership. You will never be a great sales leader if this isn't something you're obsessed with.

6. You think the "sales process" your manager wants everyone to follow is BS. If you don't understand the purpose of having a scalable process you'll never be able to lead a team.


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