• Collin Cadmus

A Quick Hack For AE's To Increase Their Win Rate

Account Execs-- if you're not already doing this, start today.

1. As soon as a demo hits your calendar (whether from marketing, sales dev, or yourself), send a Linkedin connection request to the prospect with a note saying "Looking forward to speaking with you on [day] at [time]." This will reduce your no-show rate. You should also follow them on Twitter.

2. Start engaging with their content, it builds rapport and helps you to start understanding their personality while giving you something to small talk about when you get on the call.

3. Start following other key players in their company who seem active on social. If their CEO posts a lot, follow her, learn the voice of the company.

4. You should also follow their company pages to see what content they're putting out.

Connecting on social brings you closer to your prospect. It costs you nothing.

Have a great week 🤑


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