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A Simple Top Lesson I Teach To Every Sales Leader I Hire

Done is better than perfect.

I teach this to my leadership team and constantly remind them of it.

Why? Because in the startup world we're faced with too many things to do and can't chase perfection on every one of them if we want to get anything meaningful accomplished.

It comes down to proper time management. Here's an example. Let's say you're writing a Sales Playbook. This project could easily take an entire year if you strive for perfection on every detail. In that year you'd get nothing else done and your team would have to survive without a playbook. Instead, aim for having V.1 of the playbook complete in 30 days. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's done and now your team can start benefiting from it and you can do something else. Plus, imagine how much better V.2 is after getting feedback from your team on V.1.

You need to know when and where to adopt this mindset, but if you're aiming for perfection on every detail of everything you do, you're probably not getting much done.

When developing new leaders it's really important to help them understand this. If you teach it effectively you'll see them start cranking things out at 10x. Usually they can achieve 80% of the quality in 10% of the time. It's the last 20% of "perfecting" that takes 90% of the time.


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