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Here's What Being A Startup VP Sales Actually Looks Like

Being a startup VP Sales looks something like this;

1. Be expected to know things you’ve never been taught

2. Be expected to do things you’ve never done

3. Be expected to take the rap for things you couldn’t avoid

If you can handle that, it’s a great path to go down. But if you expect training, resources, and fairness— do something else.

The average tenure of a startup VP Sales has declined to 19 months according to Gong’s latest study (2017), down from 26 months (2010).

To all the aspiring sales leaders out there, know what you’re signing up for and be prepared for the risk involved.

To all the CEO’s and VC’s out there, manage your expectations when hiring a VP Sales. There aren’t many who can do half of what you’ll probably ask.


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