• Collin Cadmus

Here's Why You Need To Train Your Salespeople To Train Themselves

Train your salespeople to train themselves.

This is the single greatest differentiating factor of a fast ramping rep VS a slow ramping rep.

The best reps don’t rely solely on the training provided to them. They seek out their own training. They read books, listen to podcasts, and most importantly they look at other top reps, analyze what they’re doing, and ask a ton of questions.

There is no company in the world that provides enough sales training. There is no such thing as “enough” sales training.

Train your salespeople to not rely on company provided training. To not wait to be trained. Train them to constantly seek their own training. Train them to train each other. Provide them with an unlimited budget for buying sales books of their choice. When they learn something new, encourage them to teach it to the team.

This is what a real sales training culture is all about.


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