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How Salespeople Should Be Writing Their LinkedIn Profiles But Usually Aren't


Rewrite your LinkedIn profiles with your target audience being your prospective customers instead of your prospective employers.

Now it becomes a selling tool instead of a resume. Switch it back when you’re on the job hunt.


180% of Quota

President’s Club

95% Close Rate


I help [buyer persona] with [xyz] bringing them [impact]

Fill in the brackets. Get creative. Show your buyers things that make you worth speaking with. Things that show you’re an expert on the technology you’re selling and the industry you’re selling in to. Don’t forget to make your photo, work email, and phone number visible to everyone.

Use a company branded banner, get a professional headshot, and DON’T FORGET TO SMILE. You’ll get significantly more engagement if you do.

If you’re on a budget, go outside when the sun is bright with a friend and an iPhone X, use portrait mode and say cheese.

Sales Leaders-- your target audience is mostly people considering coming to work for you. Show them reasons they should, your past successes as a leader. Make posts that show what your leadership style is like.


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