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How Successful People Structure Their Days

A successful sales day is structured similar to a successful workout.

Exercises are done in sets of reps. Your sales activities should be done the same way.

When you break down your daily activity goals into sets of reps (or blocks) it’s easier to focus, easier to hit your numbers without being flustered, and easier to form a repeatable routine with predictable results.

Let’s say you need to make 100 cold calls. Instead of thinking about 100 cold calls, create 5 blocks in your calendar where you’ll make 20 calls each.

In between those call blocks you can fit other blocks to send your emails, research new accounts, etc.

No one goes into the gym thinking about doing 5,000 reps. They structure their workout into sets of reps.

If you’re not structuring your sales routine like this, you probably have unnecessary stress and inconsistent results. You need to work smarter.

And similar to a good workout, when you’re doing your reps, don’t focus on anything else. No iPhone, no Slack, etc. just laser focus on executing your block (or set) and then take mini breaks in between.

Before starting your week, take an hour this morning to get your daily routine blocked out in your calendar.

Happy selling 🤑


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