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How To Get a Prospect Who’s Ghosting You Back On The Phone

This one is actually simple yet many people struggle with it.

First ask yourself the logical question of why they’re probably ghosting you? It’s most likely because they lost interest or went in another direction.

So just accept that, forget about winning the deal for now, and shoot them an email saying the following:

“Hey XYZ. I realize you’ve lost interest or gone in another direction. Definitely no hard feelings and no intention of trying to change your mind at this point. Really just hopeful to be able to get some feedback from you on where I went wrong or where our product fell short. Is that ok? Would you be up for a quick call?”

The reason this works the majority of the time is because you’ve completely removed the awkwardness and allowed them to put their guard down. One of two things happen from here:

1. They tell you they actually didn’t lose interest and apologize for the delayed response.

2. They explain what’s going on and you get your opportunity to subtly address it.

Key Point: You can’t start selling aggressively at this point because you need to keep your word. But if the objection is possible to overcome you’ll get your chance.


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