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How To Respond To The Classic Sales Interview Question


Why do you want to be in sales?

I’m a people person.

I’m a people pleaser.

I like to connect with people.

I like to make people happy.

If these are your top reasons for getting into sales, you may end up underwhelmed with the choice.

More often, sales requires making people feel uncomfortable. Making them realize they have problems they didn’t know they have. Making them realize they need to spend money they weren’t prepared to spend. They may very well not be happy throughout these conversations, but your job isn’t to make them happy, it’s to get them to make the right decision to solve their problem.

Why do you want to get into sales?

I like to challenge people.

I like to persuade people.

I enjoy a good debate.

I thrive in a competitive environment.

I work well under pressure.

I like to win.

If these are your reasons, you’re probably cut out for the job.


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