• Collin Cadmus

I Have A Master Plan, Do You? Here's Mine

What are your life goals?

These are mine:

1. Big house in northern NJ with a brick pizza oven and pool in the backyard

2. Huge garage where I can come home from work each day to work on my dream cars. I'm a German car enthusiast (BMW, Audi, Porsche)

3. Have a music studio in my basement so I can go back to playing drums and put together a band like I did in high school

4. Get married, have kids, provide for them, and become the best father this world has ever seen

5. Watch my kids have kids and become the world's best grandfather

6. Live to 100 years old

These are the 6 things I want. I need $25M to get it all. And everything I do every day is with that in mind. I don't think about the short term, I'm playing the long game.

Today I live in a 395 sq ft studio with nothing but a bed, a small loveseat and a TV. I am saving and investing endlessly so that I can one day make a complete life overhaul in one swift transition.

I've been building these blocks for a long time and I have a way to go. But these goals are what drive me every day. I know exactly what I want and exactly what I have to do to get there.

What's your end goal? What are you doing to make sure you achieve it?

I have a master plan. If you're over 25, you need a master plan.


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