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Instagram VS LinkedIn

Instagram VS Linkedin.

Let's break down some quick math.

Gary Vee has 7.7M followers on Instagram and gets ~1M views on his videos. That's ~12% of his following viewing each post.

He gets ~150k likes on his image posts, that's ~2% of his following.

Now let's look at Linkedin.

Using myself as the Linkedin example, I have ~35k followers and get ~150k views on each post. That's ~430% of my followers.

How is that possible?

Linkedin has more viewers than it does content. It's "content deficient". This means your posts will be displayed to all of your followers AND the followers of the people who engage with your content. So you get multiples on your following if you have strong engagement.

Instagram has more content than it does viewers. It's "content saturated". This means your posts will only be displayed to a small portion of your following and will remain in the feed for less time. So you have to work much harder to get the visibility.

Social platforms that become wildly popular start out as content deficient. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube were all there. TikTok seems to be growing past it quickly.

Those who crush it early have a huge advantage. Thousands of followers on LI can get more reach than millions on IG.


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