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Salespeople Don't Generate Demand, They Convert Demand To Revenue

Salespeople don't generate demand, they convert demand to revenue.

I said this in my post yesterday and there were a handful of folks who didn't get it. Here's a detailed explanation.

How you create demand:

1. Build a product that solves a real problem (product & tech)

2. Create messaging and branding that educates the market about the problem & solution (marketing)

Now this is where sales comes in:

1. Convert inbound demand to revenue

2. Build an outbound engine to assist marketing in educating the market

Sales cannot create the demand, but they can assist in educating the market about the demand.

Here's the proof:

The best salesperson in the world can't sell air. Why? Because there's no demand for it. But if you created air that enables you to live 3x longer, a salesperson can now go to market and educate folks that this air will help them live longer. In this example salespeople are not creating the demand, the "premium air" created the demand, the salespeople are just performing outreach to educate the market.

BIG difference.

Companies who expect salespeople to create demand will always fail. This approach puts the salesperson in a position where they have to lie about what the product can do (fabricating demand). We've all seen how that goes.

Make sense?


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