• Collin Cadmus

The #1 Most Important Personal Financial Lesson You Need To Know

You’re starting to earn real money for the first time in your life. Don’t advance your lifestyle by the rate at which your pay increases. Advance your saving and investing instead. You need to pay yourself first. This means as soon as the paycheck hits your account, you take 20% and set it into another account. You can automate this so you never even see that money. Trust me, if you’re not saving and investing 20% of every dollar you earn, unless you’ve got a trust fund, inheritance, or plan on marrying into wealth, you’re going to struggle later in life. Pay yourself a minimum of 20% first. Then pay your bills, buy your food, clothes, etc. Yes, it means you won’t have the same fancy things that your financially irresponsible friends have today, but you’ll have financial independence later in life when they don’t. If you say you can’t afford it, you’re probably living beyond your means.


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