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The Map To Making A Perfect Cold Call

The map to a perfect cold call:

1. Stop talking about you and your company

2. Start asking questions about who you're talking to and their company

3. Find out their pain points related to what you sell

4. Find out specifics about their use case, detailed specifics

5. Get them talking and YOU do the listening

6. Formulate your value prop to their needs (solve those pain points)

7. Suggest scheduling a time to dig deeper on how you can solve XYZ problem and improve a measurable for them

Too many people doing this backwards; calling and saying hey my name is Johnny and I sell this tool that can increase your revenue and I want to show it to you, do you have 15 minutes tomorrow?

Don't do that. Ask the right questions. Discover the right information, then and only then are you able to give a teaser on how you'd be able to improve a situation for them.

Now they should want to schedule the demo because you've just taken the time to learn about their situation AND THEN explain briefly how you can better that situation and improve a specific measurable for them (save them money, save them time, improve their customer experience, etc.)

The formula is simple:

Ask questions > Discover pain > Display potential value > Schedule the meeting


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