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The Secret To Successful Outbound Prospecting

Successful outreach is all about mindset and agenda. Most still get this wrong.

If your mindset is focused on your own agenda, you’re going to lose every time.

Your mindset has to shift to being genuinely curious about your prospect’s agenda.

Forget about booking a meeting. Forget about hitting your quota.

Shift your mindset to being genuinely curious about your prospect’s current state and identifying if there’s actually a way for you to help them.

Be ok with finding out you can’t help most of them and be patient enough to wait until you find the one you can help.

The conversations get a heck of a lot easier when you’re curious, asking about them, and pushing none of your own agenda.

I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a guy who needs a new phone system. Not once did I push Aircall on him. I asked every detail of his business, his objectives, and what’s most important to him. In the end I knew we weren’t the right fit for him... no sweat.

Guess how useless that convo would have been if I was just pushing Aircall on him the whole time. Not only would he get annoyed, but even in the best case scenario I would’ve signed someone up who would’ve ended up unhappy.

This mindset makes the whole job easier and makes salespeople far more enjoyable to speak to.


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