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Two Easy Ways To Increase Your Sales Performance

Two easy ways to increase your sales performance:

✔️Put your mobile phone away

✔️Turn off Slack

I promise you, if you do these 2 things and discipline yourself to stay laser focused on one task at a time, your performance will improve.

You should be working in a blocked schedule with your tasks clearly outlined and planned for each day. When you begin a task block, put your phone away, turn off Slack, close your email, close other distracting tabs, and get laser focused on the task. When it's complete, reward yourself with a break.


I've worked with hundreds of salespeople and the distinct difference between top performers and bottom performers is their ability to CONSISTENTLY stay laser focused, stick to a routine, and minimize distraction.

If this doesn't come naturally to you, you're at a disadvantage, but it doesn't mean you can't change. Don't expect your manager to call you out on this or help you fix the problem... it's on you.

The best sales training in the world can't make you stay focused. It's 100% on you.

Commit to being LASER FOCUSED today.


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