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What An AE's Top Hobby Should Be

AE's-- your #1 hobby should be going back and listening to your calls.

People always say "I hate the way I sound in recordings". Guess what, that's how you sound to your prospects. If you don't love the way your call recordings sound, keep listening and keep improving. In the moment of a demo it's easy to think you're killing it, but when you go back and listen, and pay attention to not only the things you said and how you said them, but to the things your prospect said and how they said them... it'll be eye opening. Listen for the following;

1. Did your prospect mention a pain point that you completely passed by and didn't capitalize on?

2. Did your prospect agree with you on something and you ignored it?

3. Did your prospect try to speak and you spoke over them?

4. Did your prospect ask a buying question and you kept selling?

If you can get to a point where you listen back to your calls and you don't find any mistakes on the 4 points above, you're probably doing a pretty damn good job. But until you get there, keep listening, invest the time, and don't rely on your manager to do it for you. You're smart enough to listen to a call and find many of your own mistakes, so do it.


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