• Collin Cadmus

What I Learned From Having a Massive Ego in 2017

Massive ego is something I fell guilty of at the end of my first VP Sales role circa December 2017.

I was coming off of 3 years leading a sales team that doubled revenue YoY. We grew from 4 to 50 reps and raised a Series A. I thought I was the sh*t.

Cocky, full of blind confidence, and impulsive. I went on to start my own company. I had an idea and assumed I could do the rest it would require.

I spent 8 long months pitching potential technical co-founders and angel investors. I was so confident this would be a walk in the park.

It wasn’t.

It turns out convincing engineers to quit their job, give up their salary and vesting equity, all to build and chase MY dream... is a hard sell.

Roughly 100 angel investor pitches... literally every single one said they love me, love my idea, but said to call them when I have my first ~10 customers. Too bad I needed their money to get to that point.

Lesson learned.

Ego checked.

But time well spent because I grew.

It’s easy to think founders are idiots and that you can do it better. It’s easy to think you can do it. But go spend 8 months living off savings and trying to convince engineers to build your idea and angels to fund it.

You’ll have a whole new perspective and appreciation for your founders.


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