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What Most AE's Are Promised VS What They Actually Get After Accepting The Job

Most AE roles start something like this:

1. Get promised lots of leads

2. Get promised lots of training

3. Get promised lots of commission

Then you start, and:

1. Have to build your own pipeline

2. Get very little training

3. Aren’t earning anywhere near your OTE


This is why AEs are job hopping and begging to move up into manager positions. But it isn’t like that everywhere.

When you finally land a real AE gig where your company spends millions on marketing and sales dev to keep your pipeline full, they invest heavily in building a sales leadership team to train and support you, and you’re hitting or exceeding your OTE...

That’s when it’s time to settle in and become a lifer at that company. Become a top performer and stay in that role for 5-10 years and earn a fortune.

A true AE role selling an amazing product with incredible marketing, sales training, and compensation... that’s where you get the chance to live a very comfortable lifestyle.

Hang on to that job for as long as you can. Ride the gravy train and build up your nest egg.

There is no shame in being a lifer AE, that’s a damn smart move when you’re earning big.

Cheers to all of the lifer AE’s out there earning big and living low stress lives with powerful job security.



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