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What The Ideal Startup Employee Looks Like

The ideal startup employee:

Startups change every single day, sometimes by plan and sometimes out of the blue. A process that's in place today could be decided to change entirely tomorrow. A person in a given role today could be gone tomorrow.

The best startup employees thrive off the constant changes. They don't get thrown off base, they don't get uncomfortable, they don't panic. They hear the messaging on what's happening, they accept it quickly, and they move on accordingly in a positive manner.

If you get uncomfortable with sudden change, a startup is not the place for you. If this is you, go work at a BigCo and you'll be able to do the exact same thing every day for the rest of your career with no surprises.

For me, the constant change is what gets me excited. The curveballs thrown at me every day are why I enjoy what I do. I spent the first 4 years of my career in management at CVS, the polar opposite of a startup. I left because I hated that things were stagnant, I hated that I had ideas which no one supported implementing, I hated the red tape, the acceptance of the status quo.

When you hire startup employees, interview for this quality.


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