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What To Do When Prospects Ask "What's The Price" Before You Wan't Them To

What's the price?

There's a lot of advice dating back decades around how to handle this question. Especially when the question is asked early in the process.

You'll hear sales leaders tell you to dodge the question, refuse to discuss price, etc. This is terribly outdated advice.

The modern buyer wants transparency, they deserve it, and they'll pull away quickly if they don't get it. Here's the newer, better way to answer...

Give them an honest range that covers every end of the spectrum. This allows you to be upfront while also leaving plenty of room to figure out the details later.

"We serve a wide range of customers with some paying as little as $90/mo and others upwards of $10k/mo. Does tomorrow at 2pm work for you and we can dive into the details?"

I answered the question, didn't act sketchy, and moved straight back into scheduling my meeting. There's no way that answer will scare anyone off, unless of course they can't afford $90 in which case I don't want to talk to them anyway... and there's no way our product sounds too cheap for their liking because I referenced the high end range as well.

Stop panicking when people ask about price. Tell them an honest price range, and move on.


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