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When I Decided Extreme Transparency Was Going To Be My Leadership Style

I made a decision this week to be entirely transparent with my sales team. Instead of keeping my board approved sales plan for 2019 a secret and building in buffers to protect me from hitting my targets, I put the whole spreadsheet up on the big screen and walked them through every detail because they deserve to know it.

I still built in buffers, but the team knows what the buffers are VS the real targets. I want to live or die with my team. I want to win or lose with my team. To me, this is the best way.

I believe in my team, each and every one of them, and want them to continue to believe in me. The whole concept of setting buffer goals and not telling them didn’t feel right. I don’t care how many sales leaders have done this successfully, I choose not to.

Sure we set a stretch goal with a buffer because we need to be prepared for things to go wrong, but it’s a goal we all know about and it’s protection for all of us. Not just secret protection for me.

If you’re a VP Sales and you hit 100% of your quota when your team hits 80% of theirs, that only means you don’t trust your team-- and if you don't, then why should they trust you?


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