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Why Being Coachable Is The Most Important Trait For A Salesperson

Salespeople-- How coachable are you?

In sales, your ability to take and implement feedback is everything. You have to trust your leader, you cannot think you know better than them, regardless of the situation. If you don't trust your leader enough to take their advice even when it goes entirely against your instincts, then there's no purpose in working for them.

This doesn't mean you're always wrong and your leader is always right, but it means you have two choices; to operate with an open mindset and open the door to the possibility of learning and improving, or to remain the same indefinitely.

Throughout my career, many times the best advice started out as advice I completely disagreed with. I've been proven wrong more times than I can count but every time it happens I become better. As a salesperson you should be ecstatic for these opportunities.

If you find yourself getting advice and refusing to implement it, just know that you've made a conscious decision to deny yourself the potential to improve.

And this works in both directions, not just top down. I've been proven wrong by my reps, managers, and directors. No matter how confident you are, if someone with experience challenges you, explore the idea and you'll grow.


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