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Why "Creating Urgency" Is Complete Nonsense

Here’s something to think about as you enter 2020.

Stop trying to create urgency in your sales process. Tactics used to “create” urgency are distasteful and should be left behind in 2019. Modern buyers want nothing to do with it.

-expiring discounts

-high pressure closes

-threatening to delete free trial accounts

This stuff is dead. You don’t want these tactics representing your brand or your company. Become a modern seller in 2020.

If a buyer has a real need for what you’re selling then the urgency already exists. It’s your job to identify it and bring awareness to it. If you can’t do that, they probably don’t need what you’re selling.

It starts with proper discovery and qualification. You should be identifying the key problems you’re going to solve and the risk associated with not solving those problems.

Then you need to set an ideal timeline with the buyer. “If we can accomplish XYZ for you, when would you ideally like to have this wrapped up and fully implemented?”

Agree on a timeline and move things along accordingly to meet THEIR timeline. The urgency is natural, no BS tactics required.

Forget about high pressure EOM or EOQ maneuvers. They’ll be the death of your sales career if you bring them into 2020.

Buyers are changing, you must change too.


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