• Collin Cadmus

Why Leading With Value Is Wrong

Lead with value-- NO NO NO.

Salespeople-- you need to stop thinking that "leading with value" is the right way to approach a prospect. Here's why...

You're assuming you know what's valuable to your prospect.

You're assuming you know your prospect has recognized they have a problem.

You're assuming your prospect will immediately agree that your product is amazing.

You probably want to disagree with me right now, but let me ask you, how many people actually respond to your emails or linkedin messages when you lead with a value prop?

Yeah... I thought so.

Stop leading with value props and start leading with questions. You can't know what's valuable to someone until you've learned about their current situation. Are they happy? Do they acknowledge that they have a problem?

Stop assuming your product is going to make their life 100x easier and start asking questions to validate that assumption. If you do that, I promise the process gets a whole lot easier.

Do doctors prescribe meds before asking you what's wrong?


Do you ask someone out on a date before you introduce yourself and buy them a drink?

I hope never.

Start with questions. Get to know your prospect.


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