• Collin Cadmus

Why Top Outbound SDR's Don't Need To Become AE's

Top Outbound SDR's are the most valuable asset in SaaS today.

If you're a top performing Outbound SDR, chances are you're hoping for a promotion to AE. I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't.

Top of the funnel work (SDR) used to be a numbers game. It was simple but hard. In other words, it wasn't easy work, but it was a simple process. The more cold calls made and emails sent, the more pipeline you created. Those days are over.

Because this model worked so well, it became saturated. Your target ICP's are now receiving 100x the cold outreach they used to receive, making it incredibly difficult to get a response.

So, if you're great at this and you're crushing your Outbound SDR quota, you should stop thinking about the AE role and start thinking about how to leverage your results for more money. Trust me, your company will pay up, if they're smart.

The #1 factor dictating the growth of top startups is pipeline creation. If you have the proven skillset to create repeatable pipeline in today's competitive environment, you need to take advantage of it. You're more valuable than an AE and your job is more secure. You just need to leverage your results for better compensation.


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