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Why Voicemail Skills Are The Most Undervalued Skill In Sales

Voicemail skills are the most undervalued aspect of cold calling.

The majority of your calls go unanswered. You put tons of effort into perfecting what you say and how you say it when someone answers, but how much attention are you putting into the hundreds of voicemails you're leaving?

There's an enormous difference between effective and ineffective voicemails.

1. The most common bad habit is letting your voicemails sound robotic. This happens simply because you leave so many of them each day or because you're foolish enough to use a pre-recorded voicemail drop.

2. If you think you can't build rapport in a voicemail, you're mistaken. A crappy voicemail has no personality, it's overly scripted, it sounds like you're just anxious to get to the end.

3. Make a joke in your voicemail about how sad you are that they didn't answer your call. Tell them it felt like swiping right on Tinder and not getting a match. Say something unusual to stand out. Don't use the same line twice, keep it fresh, keep it real. That's what generates a response.

For those who will take #3 way too literally, the Tinder line is just an example. I'm sure you can punch holes in that one, but come on, think outside the box and pump some personality into your voicemails.


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