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Why You Don't Need The Best Product In Your Category To Win The Sale

Are you selling something with enormous demand and no competition?

If you are I'm curious what it is... but for sake of dropping some sales knowledge let's assume you're selling something with plenty of competition.

Ok, so you're up against competition, maybe some competitors even have a better product than you, and you're not an engineer so there's nothing you can do about it.

Here's the beauty of that.

Buying is all about the experience. Sure your product plays a decent role in that, but you as a salesperson play the biggest role.

Value comes from many angles. Brand, features & benefits, user experience, buying experience, customer experience...

See a trend here? IT'S ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCE.

Every detail matters. Your personality, your responsiveness, your respect for their time, your ability to build rapport, your ability to be honest, your ability to be an industry expert, how funny your stupid jokes are... it goes on and on.

You need to make the experience of buying from you absolutely incredible. If you can do that you can sell half the product at twice the price.

The experience is the majority of the value. Ever wonder why some companies sell identical products but one charges twice the price? They're nailing the experience from start to finish.


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