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Why You Need To Be Patient With Your Sales Career

Be patient with your sales career--

Growth and promotions come with time. Don't compare your timeframe to the person next to you. It isn't the same for everyone because the needs of the business change each month, each quarter, and each year. Even with two identical top performers who started on the same day-- they'll likely move up at different times because that's what the business needs. This is life and this is how careers work.

Trust me, you're better off sticking it out and staying at one company than taking a new job where you know nothing about their product, haven't earned everyone's respect, and essentially start from scratch even with maybe a slightly higher title or salary. In the long run you get farther by staying at one company, being a top performer, and holding your place in line for a big move.

In my first job I was passed over for promotion from Assistant Store Manager to Store Manager by someone who was a lesser performer than me. I was mortified, heated, and wanted to quit. But I stuck it out, a few months later I was promoted to run a larger store doing twice the revenue of his. The business wasn't ready to make my move before his and ultimately I learned that our careers are not only about us, they're about the businesses we serve and what they need.


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