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Why You Need To Challenge Your Prospects More

Salespeople-- are you challenging your prospects?

If you’re not, you’re not selling.

1. THE WANT: Prospects take demos and talk to salespeople because they don’t already know the answers. If they already knew what was best for them they’d skip the sales process and go straight for a decision. They’re talking to you because they WANT to be challenged.

2. THE NEED: Prospects need to solve a problem, that’s why they’re potentially interested in your solution but naturally they’re skeptical so they NEED you to convince them otherwise. That burden is on you.

If your angle is to let your prospect tell you what they want and need and simply say yes or no, then you’re not selling. Your job is to challenge their mindset, educate them, be the expert, and take control. They are turning to you because they don’t know the answer, even if they act like they do.

Don’t be afraid to tell your prospect they’re wrong. Don’t be afraid to know more about their industry or problem than they do. Remind yourself that if they already had all of the answers they wouldn’t be taking to you.


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