• Collin Cadmus

Why You Need To Choose Your Next Boss Wisely

I take the boss relationship very seriously. Like a soldier to their commander.

While I am a leader, I like to also be led. Since my first job at age 9 I've put a high value on having a boss, a mentor, a guide, a person who pushes and develops me. Each boss I've had played a critical role in my evolution.

In fact, when I spent 8 months trying to build my own business prior to Aircall, this was what I missed most. There's a small subset of people who can function well without a boss. Perhaps someday I'll be one of those people, but I know I'm not today.

Choose your boss wisely, value the relationship, take the hierarchy seriously, and allow the dynamic to fuel your self improvement. Take the feedback, the requests, and the assignments each as a serious mission. If you embrace this relationship and the challenges it puts in front of you, you will develop, you will evolve, and you will succeed.

Your overall mission in your work is to exceed your boss's expectations. To serve them as they see fit. You don't need to agree with every request, you just need to execute it. If everyone in an organization practices this mindset, that creates a functional team. If you don't have this level of respect for your boss, find a new one so you can truly embrace the relationship.


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