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Why You Need To Consider More Than Just Your OTE When Picking A Sales Job

You need to consider more than your OTE when deciding where to work.

Of course there's the basic things like company culture, benefits, and the people you'll work with.

But the two things that will actually make the greatest difference in your success or failure are:

1. The lead gen

2. The close rate

What does the marketing and sales development support look like? Are you given a calendar full of hot leads or are you endlessly making 200 cold calls a day?

Can the product actually be sold? If so, at what rate? How badly do people want what you're selling? Or better yet, how badly do they NEED what you're selling?

The best sales jobs are the ones with consistent lead gen and close rates over 30%. If you have those two things, the difference in "OTE" is a BS number.

For example, if one job has those 2 things and an OTE of $100k and another doesn't with an "OTE" of $150k, take the first job, you'll earn more.

How do you find out the truth? Message current salespeople from the company on Linkedin and ask. Any potential employer who wouldn't be cool with you doing so is hiding something.


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