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Why You Need To Pick Up The Phone More And Email Less, I'm Talking To You SDR's

Happy Tuesday. Let's speak some truth today.

Salespeople are trying to over complicate things in order to avoid rejection. If I send 100 emails today and get 1 response, I faced rejection 0 times. If I make 100 cold calls today and get 5 responses, I faced rejection 95 times but got 5x the results.

Do the job of a robot and be replaced by a robot. Do the job of a human and you'll become a great salesperson with a long lasting and fulfilling career.

If you take shortcuts in life, you will get cut short.

This doesn't mean don't send emails. I believe in multi-channel outreach, but emails can be automated. Spend the majority of your time making cold calls and setup your robots to do the rest automatically. SalesLoft, Outreach, Marketo, etc. The tools are there, use them. There's no tool that will make a great cold call for you, that's what an SDR is for.

Real salespeople don't hide behind keyboards.

Offended? It's probably because you're scared to pick up the phone, most likely because you have bad leadership and bad training. Unlikely it's your fault.

Want to say that you've been successful prospecting strictly over email? That means you have a great product... but your marketing team can automate your job. They'll eventually realize that and you'll be f'd.


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