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Why You Need To Stop Thinking What You're Working Towards Is What Will Make You Happy

SDRs want to be AEs

AEs want to be Managers

Managers want to be Directors

Directors want to be VPs

VPs want to be CROs

CROs want to be CEOs

CEOs want to be Millionaires

Millionaires want to be Billionaires


Here’s the problem...

Most people won’t make it halfway through that list.

You need to be happy in the present.

It’s ok to keep pushing and striving for more, but allow yourself to enjoy what you have today. If you don’t, you’ll be chasing happiness forever.

When you find something you’re truly great at, enjoy it, ride it out, crush it. Don’t consume yourself with thinking about the next step, it’s no way to live.

Have an awesome day today and love your present self.


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