• Collin Cadmus

Why You Should Obsess Over Everything The Top AE On Your Team Is Doing

Who’s the best salesperson on your team and what do you know about them?

The way I climbed to the top of the dashboards so quickly was by being laser focused on what the best reps were doing. I knew their funnel metrics, I knew their objection responses, I knew how many times and what times of the day they’d call or email their follow ups, I knew what regions they were cold calling at what times of the day, I asked them endless questions, analyzed their metrics and compared them to mine.

The answer to “how to be great” is usually sitting somewhere in your office. While the goons were hating on the top reps, I was studying them, implementing their moves, and outworking them. Then I was beating them.

If you’re lucky enough to have a superstar somewhere on your team, don’t over complicate things this year. Study them, ask them questions, and replicate what they’re doing whether you agree with it or not. Suppress your ego and do what is already proven to work. No detail is too specific.

If you copy the best rep and outwork them, you’ll be the best. End of story.

Sales leaders: make sure your scripted process is mimicking your top performer. Your ego isn’t that important, let them be the hero.


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