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Why Your Best Data Source Is A Cold Call


The best data source is a cold call.

There's nothing you're going to find on Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg, or any other data provider that 100+ sales reps haven't already found.

What worked 5 years ago to "personalize" an outreach has gone stale. Too many people are doing it and you're now spending way too much time researching only to craft the same email with the same "personalized" lines that 100 other reps already sent.

Want to get personal? Want to actually learn about your prospect?

Give them a call, ask them some questions.

It doesn't work for you? Get better at it and stop looking for shortcuts.

Sales is hard. Once in a while we find new hacks, then those hacks go stale. What never goes stale is good old fashioned cold calling... AKA being a salesperson.


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