Will Salespeople be Replaced by AGI?

Jan 06, 2023

Will Salespeople be replaced by AI and AGI?

2023 is telling us yes, it's already happening. 

It's important, you should read on...

Our instinct is to think of all the things humans can do better than robots.

But our instinct should be to think of all the things we once said that about that we no longer can.

And then to think about the pace at which that advancement is occuring.

I'll make it easy for you... it's moving fast and we're not far away from robots being more accurate, more efficient, more consistent, and most certainly more affordable.

ChatGPT is where this new world begins and it will end with humans asking specifically to speak to a robot because they don't want to run the risk of a human misinforming them, taking time to respond after hours, etc.

Remember, don't shoot the messenger, please 🙏

But Salespeople, Marketers, Founders... it's time to really think about the future of sales and how to avoid getting leapfrogged by your competition along the way, because things are moving fast.

It will start with new tools that are already adopting the category "Buyer Enablement" which will bring together stakeholders into one digital space that can have content and communication dropped in asynchronously.

From there AI will learn what content solves which problems, what content answers which questions, which content best pitches to which types of buyers, etc., etc.

These tools go from facilitating easier communications and sharing of content between stakeholders and Salespeople...

To automating everything the Salespeople are doing so they can use the content from one Salesperson to automatically serve an unlimited amount of buyers consecutively, without any limitation.

Salespeople will mostly disappear in sheer volume, but the best ones will become the modern day "pitchman" like the famous Billy Mays, except this will be recording short digital content segments that will be fed to buyers utilizing AI which essentially replaces the need for the dozens of Salespeople doing any thinking and tinkering behind the scenes.

Enterprise reps used to say it would be impossible to close $100k+ deals over Zoom calls...

Those same folks will say I'm wrong about this.

But for those who believe, consider joining my course.

What do you think?

Are Salespeople being replaced by AI?

Happy Selling,

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